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About us

Perú to Travel is founded on three main objectives:​​

  • To provide visitors to Peru with inspiring, memorable moments

  • To craft journeys, experiences, adventures and encounters that allow our guests to connect in innovative, meaningful ways with the unique people and places of Peru, while honoring and enhancing the particular allure Peru holds for them

  • To operate at all times in a manner sensitive to and supportive of Peru's amazingly rich but extremely delicate natural and social environments

Why choose Perú to Travel?

We rise to this responsibility as travel specialists by focusing on each guest individually. Whether you seek a profound encounter with ancient history, untouched nature, vibrant culture or a unique combination of all Peru has to offer, we honor and enhance the particular allure Peru holds for you.

Once we work with you to define your trip goals, we then take care of all the essential details, from flawless logistics, specialized equipment and exceptional field service to carefully chosen lodgings, delectable food and wine, plus a thoughtful program of meaningful encounters along the way.

Custumized: Different travel packages according to the expectations of each traveler.

Security: Protection and support during your stay in our country.

Quality: Persistent regulation of our services 24hours and 7days of the week. 

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