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Our shamans see the diseases and evils you have, they see the lack of harmony in your life at energetic and spiritual levels. Our Shamans cure these evils through ceremonies and rituals.



Sacred Valley - Cusco


  • Live a spiritual experience in the land of the Incas, connecting with nature and the ancient magic

Energetic Meditation is a new technique from the heavens, divine expression to clean, heal, purify and open the heart, mind, body and spirit. It reconnects you with your inside, with your being or spirit. The meditation requires practice; practice clarifies the mind, it liberates us from tensions, diseases, pains, grief, negative energies, negative spirits and develops patience. It helps us to see what is really important for our being, awakening the inner master we all have inside, allowing the harmonic and free flow of universal energy.

Energetic Meditation is not a religion; it doesn`t invoke or work with any saints, virgins, crosses, skulls or black candles. You have to ask for your healing and purification with all your heart, mind and all your being to the superior energy(ies) that you believe in (universe, god, nature, spirit of light, life, existence, great spirit, etc.) and to the spirits of nature.

The meditation is contemplation. It covers two types: with an object and with no object of concentration.

Meditation with object of concentration.- It involves concentrating the meditation in a single object. The object can be an element from nature, a word or a sentence. This type of meditation stands for excluding any thought, except the required for the object of concentration.

Meditation without an object of concentration.- (Yoga in its most advanced stage, Soto Zen and Tibetan schools). It involves being away of any object, thought and/or sensation, becoming a pure observer.

Price per person starting at:

USD 200

  • Bio-Energetic Meditation.
  • Energy Cleansing.
  • Medicine Music.
  • Round trip transport Cusco-Communities.
  • Lunch or Dinner.

  • Flights Lima/Cusco/Lima (USD 150 aprox. por persona)
  • Meals not indicated in the programa
  • Tips
  • Travel Insures

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